Volunteer Job Opportunities

The SJAA volunteers provide a great service to support our kids, SJHS and the association. So much behind the scenes work is done. We are looking for more volunteers specifically for the positions listed below. We don’t just work – we are friends who share ideas, laughter, time and sense of responsibility to make sure we meet our goals. (P.S. – I should mention some great pot lucks too!)

Volunteer Recruiter: A volunteer coordinator helps the SJAA by identifying, enlisting and supporting volunteers in the many jobs used by the association. A key role for our volunteer coordinator is matching the skills, experiences and expectations of volunteers to SJAA jobs. The Volunteer Recruiter is the main point of contact for our volunteers until they are assigned to a job.

Fundraising Coordinator:  The primary responsibility of the Fundraising Coordinator is to develop and execute an endowment fundraising strategy for the SJAA Board. The Fundraising Coordinator works closely with the Board Chair and the Treasurer to develop giving and fundraising programs and activities.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Research, develop, and present an annual fundraising plan for SJAA Board approval
  • Serve as a local community ambassador for the SJAA
  • Participate in local events sponsored by SJAA and its partners
  • Identify and meet with local foundations, businesses, individuals, and other entities that are willing to support SJAA and SJHS
  • Develop the tools that encourage donations to SJAA, such as annuities, pre-paid insurance, wills, or trusts.

Membership Recruiter: The SJAA Membership Recruiter is a critical position to enhancing our membership drive efforts that ensure the viability of the organization in upcoming years. The tasks would include:

  • Works with the SJAA board to define a recruitment plan and objectives and organizing recruiting efforts, e.g., telephone calls, email blasts, website information.
  • Provides organization information, opportunities, and benefits; making presentations to SJHS and local community organizations.
  • Attracts members with specific skills needed to support SJAA activities when applicable by working with internal referral resources and available media.
  • Accomplishes organization mission with updates to Board of recruitment results.

Football Challenge Chair: The Football Challenger Chair supports the SJAA annual event completing the following tasks:

  • Assist SJHS coaches in recruiting alum football players for a charity alum football game
  • Lead effort to publicize game and sell tickets to game to benefit SJHS program
  • Assist in assembling volunteers for the Football Challenge event as well as supporting the Football Coach in SJHS seasonal games identifying volunteers for collecting tickets, staffing snack bar, etc.

HISTORIAN: The SJAA historian gathers information, documents and images from SJHS and SJAA activities to be used in the SJAA Archives and Legacy Exhibit. Duties include:

  • Ensure artifacts and documents from SJHS and SJAA events are collected for archiving.
  • Organize data, analyze and interpret its authenticity and relative significance by checking with fellow historians, archivists, news bureaus, and subject material to dating procedures.
  • Gather historical data from sources such as archives, diaries, news files, and photographs, as well as collect data sources such as books and other written materials including those items submitted by alumni or the SJHS administrative team to piece together the real circumstances behind an event, person, place or thing.
  • Trace historical development in a particular area relevant to the history of the SJHS and SJAA, such as social, cultural, or community history.
  • Conduct interviews with first person participants in the events or nearest surviving kin, neighbors.
  • Lead effort to honor those Alums who should be in the SJHS Hall of Fame.

The SJAA current historian will continue to be available to train and assist the new historian when needed.

Interested in any of these positions? Please Contact: Dick Cowan at dcowan@cowancs.com