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Deloris Worthington Peacock, Class of ’64



My husband, John Peacock and I are both Class of 1964 members. We have had the good fortune of exciting careers both here and abroad (for me). We have 5 children (combined) and 3 grandchildren. We have a super time staying connected to all our 64 classmates as well as other classes since we both had siblings that brought friends home! Luncheons, dinners, backyard “get togethers” for work groups include good food and lots of laughs. Jerry Still and Dick Cowan are very persuasive so if you see either of them coming, you might just become a volunteer like I did! Seriously, we could do more if we had more people — so think about it please! 

Deloris Worthington Peacock

San Juan Alumni Association

Barbara Morarity-Van Dyke, Class of '77

Barbara Morarity-Van Dyke, Class of '77

Publicity Chair

Contact Method: MB: (916)955-6494   EMAIL:

Brief Biography:  I went to work at Fidelity Savings/Citibank/Bank of the West on 01/1979 at San Juan Ave/Greenback Lane, a block from the school. Around 1982(2 years after the association was formed), someone came in our branch to see if our Bank would like to advertise in their local SJAA Newsletter. So my boss, bought an add with my business card, noting I was a San Juan Alumni. It was a 4-page Blue byfold newsletter, I believe done by Virginia Pierce at the time. Working at the bank being so close to the school, I ran into so many faculty and former San Juan Spartans!

Then in 1994 I read  in the Sacramento Bee about and  attended my first San Juan All-Class Reunion Picnic at Fair Oaks Park. Fast forward to 1997, and I was working on my first class reunion(yes the baton had been tossed to me), and I contacted the alumni association.  They invited me to a meeting, and the rest is history.

Then I volunteered to be on the reunion committee for the 1998 picnic(See attached pictures). Every reunion picnic since, our class has had a decent turnout. A few years later, I became the Recording Secretary. In 01/2000, I also became a ‘reporter’ for the Newletter, under the training of Dick Nygren. In April 2004, I took over as the Newsletter Editor, for a retiring Dick Nygren. I prepared my final newletter on 09/2014. My business had become too demanding, along with some personal health issues and caring for my mother in law. I have remained the Publicity/Social Media Contact, along with back to being a ‘Reporter’ for the newsletter. I look forward to working on our Class of 1977, 40th reunion for 2017!

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Dick Cowan, Class of ‘64

Dick Cowan, Class of ‘64

SJAA Past President

My wife Carol and I are classmates from 64. We have lived and worked around the US and in Germany and Italy. San Juan meant a lot to me as great faculty and upper class-men drew me into school life and activities and prepared me well to compete for college scholarships and success. Carol and I were recruited to SJAA by Jerry Still, who saw me wearing my block sweater to a Homecoming football game around 2000. We have really enjoyed the re-connection to the school and our fellow alums.


Kathy Pendergast-Sasabuchi, Class of ’73 

Scholarship Co-Chairperson, Appreciation Chairperson & Financial Secretary, San Juan Alumni Association

I became involved with the SJAA after my parents, Tom (retired SJHS math teacher) and Barbara Pendergast, passed away. It was important to them, that someone from the Pendergast family become active in the annual scholarship selection process. I contacted Bob Nielsen ‘58 (family friend/alum/SJAA Treasurer) and was immediately welcomed to the SJAA. April of 2010 was my first year on the Scholarship Committee with Eileen Metzger ’63 – chairperson, Bob Nielsen, Bob Cornwell & Maria Ferris-Brugger ’61. We had a great time!

In late 2009, Barbara Morarity-Van Dyke ’77 asked me if I would take over as the E-mail Communication Liaison as Barbara moved on to Facebook. In the summer of 2013, I assisted the Financial Secretary, (due to her family health issues), Barbara Craig-Wickham ’49, I agreed to take over her position and at that time I incorporated the Appreciation Chairperson duties. I have since offered Bobbie her old job back and she says “no way”! I guess she has moved onto more exciting things.

Becoming a part of the SJAA has been a wonderful experience! I have reconnected with classmates and formed many new friendships with other SJAA alums. We are one big happy family!

February 2018 Report
Kathy Pendergast-Sasabuchi

Communication's Liaison & Financial Secretary, San Juan Alumni Association

Pat Midkiff Schmid, Class of ’68 

Master Calendar of Events and Activities


Pat Midkiff Schmid

SJAA Board Recording Secretary & Calendar Coordinator

Rick Engvall, Class of 73

I’m happily married to my beautiful wife Jayne and life-long Sacramento resident. Recently retired from California State service after 30+ years, involved with multiple technology projects. Owned and operated a Web Development business for eight years supporting dozens of small businesses throughout northern California. In 2003 I developed our San Juan Class of ’73 website and helped with our 30th and 40th reunions. After meeting some of the SJAA members at the reunions I was “encouraged” to help them out and built this website.

February 2018 Report

Rick Engvall

Webmaster, San Juan Alumni Association

Larry Fritz, Class of ’73 

Larry Fritz

SJAA Newsletter Editor

Jerry Still, Class of ’60 

February 2018 Report

Jerry Still

Legacy Exhibit Co-Chair & HIstorical Chair

Richard Giusti, Class of ’65 

February 2018 Report
Richard Giusti

Membership Chair , San Juan Alumni Association

Marcia Harding LeDoux, Class of ’61 

Marcia Harding LeDoux

Parade Coordinator




Alum Basketball Chall. Chair Bob Churchill ‘69
Booster Club President Janeen Peterson
Class Liaison Chair VACANT
Financial Reviewer Dave Terwilliger
Football Challenge Chair VACANT
Fund Raiser Chair VACANT
Historian VACANT
Legacy Exhibit Co-Chair & Social Chair Eltha Tremp Hannum ‘49
Legacy Exhibit Historical Co-Chair Louise Ennega Brown ‘52
Membership Recruiting Chair VACANT
Memoriam Editor Lynn Townsend Adams ‘73
Newsletter Graphics VACANT
Postmaster Warren McWilliams ‘51
Postmaster, Backup Pat Midkiff Schmid ’68
Photographer Chair Michael Majestic ‘71
SJHS Principal Vanessa Adolphson
SJHS Senior Class President Audrey Rodriguez ‘16
Volunteer Recruiter VACANT