Dee (Worthington) Peacock ‘64
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SJAA President Dee Peacock

SJAA Newsletter – Issue #117 – February 2020

Happy New Year Spartans!

As with each year, we are busy at the SJAA planning for the future of the organization and the future of scholarships for our SJHS students. There is much to do in keeping monies flowing in so we can help our SJHS students.

Over the last few years, we have shared a lot of information about the current make-up of the school student body and the changing needs of our community. Just to reiterate an important point, about 80% of the student population receive their breakfasts and lunches at school, signaling that our old neighbor- hoods are low family income areas. The SJAA has recognized their needs and has been an organization dedicated to making a difference in student’s lives.

Through our efforts, students have access to Sunrise Christian Ministries Food Source (which is comprised of local churches, grocers and other organizations that provide quality food such as dairy, produce, grains and meats). We provide some snacks at the school through donations by our members.

We don’t ask questions. We just help. Our efforts, subsidized by you, by providing scholarship dollars have given these kids a leg-up. We have seen our SJHS students become doctors, lawyers, heads of corporations, actors, and hold other leadership positions in other professions. Plus – and as equally important – they know the importance of “paying it forward.” They give back!

Almost all small non-profit organizations are going through a difficult time for getting volunteers and for people supporting their mission. But fortunately, we do receive your dues monies and other monetary donations that enable us to give to our students. We could do more with more help, so come join us on the SJAA leadership and volunteer teams!

As I mentioned in the SJAA electronic newsletter in November, I will be vacating my position due to a planned out of state move. Soon elections will be held for the new President. Our updated contact list is available on page 18.

Thank you for your support. We have a great community of members. I have been privileged to serve with the incredible team of giving people that will continue to work with you and our younger Spartans to ensure that our “purpose” is secure.

I will be grateful for the wonderful friendships gained from this position. You are all the best: Larry Fritz, ’73, Dick Cowan, ’64, Kathy (Pendergast) Sasabuchi, ’73, Pat (Midkiff) Schmid, ’68, Jerry Still, ’60, Eltha (Tremp) Hannum, ’49, Louise (Ennenga) Brown ’52, Richard Guisti, ’65, Lynn (Townsend) Adams, 73, Warren McWillians, ’51, Barabara (Moriarty) Van Dyke,’77, and Rick Engvall, ’73.

A message from our past President of the San Juan Alumni Association, Dick Cowan

Welcome Message from Dick Cowan SJAA President