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SJAA President Dee Peacock

SJAA Newsletter – Issue #116 – September 2019

Lots going on at the SJAA. We could use more input and ideas from our members and it takes very little of your time, less than 24 hours a year total for meetings, labeling newsletters, serving on a scholarship review committee, serving on purchase requisition reviews for the campus, the Legacy Exhibit and so forth. Won’t you consider joining in? See our calendar for meetings and events that are planned through- out the year.

As we come to the end of summer, SJHS has started. Freshmen orientation on August 9th brought new Spartans with unmatched enthusiasm and parents stunned at all that high school students must comply with to ensure their graduation. Costs for families for these students continue to in- crease and as a result, sports programs are harder and harder to build because the parents are required to provide uniforms, equipment, insurances, transportation and so much more to enable their student to participate. Campus Clubs also endure limited participation because many of the kids have jobs after school. 

Over the last couple of years, we have tried to keep our members abreast of this situation, especially since San Juan, Mesa Verde and Encina, all Title I schools, are more adversely impacted by these costs for their students then some of the other schools in the district. Thanks to many of you, we are able to offset some of these costs each year. In addition, many fundraisers are held to generate more dollars to assist students with these costs so they can participate. These fundraisers are produced by the Administration, coaches and teachers with the support of the alumni.

On September 20th, San Juan is hosting Mesa Verde in the Citrus Bowl at MacArthur Field (SJHS Football field) on Greenback/Mariposa in Citrus Heights. This is also the celebration of San Juan’s Homecoming and we invite all of you to come out and enjoy the food, football game, crowning of the Homecoming royalty and recognition of alumni. Special accommodations are being made for anyone who wants to get 4 tickets for the game, a close parking spot next to the Boy’s gym (and entry into the field) and 4 waters for just $40.00. You can buy on line at Hope you can come out and join us! See the SJHS flyer on Page 14 for more details.

Our Scholarship Award Team selected some great students to receive SJAA scholarships in May. Our Acting Scholarship Co-Chairpersons, Kathy (Pendergast) Sasabuchi ’73 and (Val (Eller) Baxer ’60 did a great job of identifying the Award Team that also included: Pat (Midkiff) Schmid, ’68, Pam (Duncan) Groft, ‘74 and Terri (Alexander) Schaffer, ’74. The Team organized interviews and led the evaluations for the scholarship awards. The SJAA  can never give enough praise to Kathy and all the work she does for our association. Thank you, Kathy, from all of us!

A special thanks goes to our Recording Secretary and Calendar Chair, Pat (Midkiff) Schmid ’68, for keeping us straight in more ways than one!

I also want to thank a truly unsung hero, Lynn (Townsend) Adams, ’73 for all of hard work every week sorting through clothes for the students and the San Juan Clothes Closet. Lynn works mostly alone ensuring that clothes received are high-school appropriate, clean, and ready to wear from the racks for those students who come from very difficult situations to enter into a new school and life. The students are very grateful to start out with plenty to wear and feel like a pier. It is especially important these days and Lynn makes it happen.

Jerry Still, ’60, Eltha (Tremp) Hannum, ’49, Louise (Ennenga) Brown, ’52 and Carol (Logan) Weber, ‘50 also deserve a shout out. They serve on alternating Mondays cataloging and displaying new materials donated to the Legacy Exhibit. They have a great time doing it – lunching and chatting about the days gone by – and then working, of course!

And there is Larry Fritz, ’73, Richard Guisti, ’65, Rick Engvall, ’73, and Warren McWilliams, ’51 who I could not do without in making sure this newsletter gets out to all of you. Larry formats all of the articles in the layout you receive. Richard keeps count of those who are suppose to receive the news- letter and creates the mailing labels. Warren handles all of the mailing at the post office and Rick gets it onto the website. Everyone volunteers to help affix the labels which takes an hour (donuts and coffee help make the job more fun!). The November electronic newsletter will be prepared by our new Newsletter Editor, Aime Millan, ‘13 who has agreed to take this job over. She is full of new ideas and we hope to reach new potential members.

Barbara (Moriarity) Van Dyke, ’77 provides all of the articles received on Facebook so those of you who do not “do Facebook” can see what fellow Spartans submit. Without Barbara, this newsletter could get little dull sometimes!

More to be said about our team as we do a little shuffling of positions in November. Until then, have a great fall and hope to see you at Homecoming! 

A message from our past President of the San Juan Alumni Association, Dick Cowan

Welcome Message from Dick Cowan SJAA President