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SJAA President Dee Peacock

SJAA Newsletter – Issue #11 – November 2019


Happy Thanksgiving and
Merry Christmas…. 

It seems to come around quicker every year! And here we are again with the last newsletter of 2019.

First, Ardi Ferris, SJ’s students’ needs coordinator, is seeking donations of clean clothing for teen girls and boys as described by SJAA alumni liaison, Lynn (Townsend) Adams, ’73 (see pages 4 & 5). Money donations for this purpose can be sent to the SJAA at P.O. Box 103, Citrus Heights, 95611-0103. SJAA Financial Secretary, Kathy (Pendergast) Sasabucchi, ’73 loves to get your money and is great about getting it to the designated “need” area.

Second, see page 7 for a review of all the fun at the September 20th San Juan Homecoming. Each year the school is able to provide more and more outreach to generate alumni and community support. The faculty, students, Booster Club and your Alumni Association made it a great event for the attendees. The first tailgating effort was successful and the pre-game huddles were very engaging! The burgers and hot dogs were better than professional facilities.

Third, please see all of the pictures in the SJAA Activity section beginning on Page 6. Lots of reunion and alumni pictures. Enjoy!

Lastly, this is my final President’s Report. My husband, John, and I are moving to Idaho where much of our family has already moved or is in the process. A huge transition for both of us but we are very excited! In the February 2020 issue, the SJAA will announce its’ new management team. It has been a privilege to serve all of you and I thank you for your support.

It will be hard to leave the great team I have worked with here at the SJAA. In the hardcopy issue of Sep- tember, I addressed each of their ongoing support and contributions. They keep this organization rolling! We have worked diligently to keep you informed, to drive more scholarship dollars, and to seek support from younger generations. The camaraderie and friendships will forever be in my heart!

The face of this organization will no doubt have to change as the current leaders are aging out. We are currently looking for solutions to meeting each generations’ interests and involvement and seek your thoughts by phone or email. Feel free to attend any of our meetings as listed on the calendar.

Thank you again Spartans!

A message from our past President of the San Juan Alumni Association, Dick Cowan

Welcome Message from Dick Cowan SJAA President