Dick Cowan ‘64
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Dick Cowan, SJAA President


SJAA Newsletter  – July 2020

I am proud of our Alumni Association and you should be too!

In this issue, you’ll read about the heroic effort of time and money that you all contributed to create a gift bag on short notice for our graduating Seniors to ease some of the pain from losing a normal Senior experience. If we are focused on a necessary way to help San Juan’s current crop of kids, we can do amazing things.

This year’s graduating class is just as impressive as ever. The academic achievements are inspiring. The appreciation the students are expressing in their remarks to the San Juan teachers and coaches confirms what we experienced – a caring and dedicated faculty with leadership focused in student success. To watch the virtual awards ceremony and the virtual graduation follow these links:

You’ll read in this issue about the tools we are working to implement to keep you as an alum more in touch with the student activities you care about and to help you all find each other at reunion time. Also, in this issue, you will meet our incoming new principal and learn a bit more about our oldest alum. I had the pleasure of doing the leg work on these stories and it was very energizing. Our school is very special.

Who knows what next fall will look like in terms of face to face education and student sports and activities. I have not found anyone who does. But I am certain there will be a need for us to volunteer and to reach into our pockets for some spare change to get our kids what they need to have the great San Juan experience they deserve.

A message from our President of the San Juan Alumni Association, Dick Cowan