Recording Secretary


We have an opening for a volunteer position with our San Juan Alumni Association. Would you be interested in being our Recording Secretary? 

Here is what it entails below. You can also ask a friend to share the duty, so if you are unavailable for one of the meetings, they can fill in for you. Barbara Morarity-Van Dyke said “when I was recording secretary, many years ago, Cheryl Brown was my assistant. It worked great!”


  • The Recording Secretary’s responsibility includes taking minutes of the SJAA Board meetings, transcribe minutes and prepare for Board review and approval, make changes as approved by the Board. The minutes will be made available to Board members via electronic transmission. Both electronic and paper files are to be maintained to ensure their availability when necessary. 
  • The Recording Secretary will take roll call of all who are present at the beginning of the Board and General meetings by passing around a sign-in sheet. That sheet will be kept with the minutes of the meetings. 
  • The Recording Secretary is responsible for maintaining the SJAA Policies and Procedures manual both in hardcopy and the associated electronic files. As updates are made by the Board, the Recording Secretary will update the manual accordingly.
  • The Recording Secretary will also be responsible for updating California’s Secretary of State in odd numbered calendar years advising SJAA officers and associated information. In addition, the recording Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the mandated “odd-numbered” year fees are paid even if no changes were made to the Board Officers. 
  • Other duties as requested, required or volunteered. 
Please contact Larry Fritz at if you are interested.