Donor Notes

Appreciation Chairperson: Kathy Pendergast-Sasabuchi ‘73
Contact: (916) 209-3089

Thank you to everyone who pays their membership dues timely and especially those of you who added a little extra to support the SJAA scholarships or SJAA Project Support (SJHS campus support grants, Legacy Exhibit, Where the Need is Greatest or write in which program you wish to support) programs. Your donations are muchly needed and appreciated. $1,500 goes a long ways to help a student pay for tuition and books. Many students have stated if it was not for the scholarship

$$$ they received they would not have been able to further their educational goals.

Thank you to the SJAA Contributors

Alumni & AFL Individuals:

Dick Cowan ’64 & Carol Christman-Cowan ‘64              John Peacock ’64 & Dee Worthington-Peacock ’64

Kathy Pendergast-Sasabuchi ’73                                      Randy Adams ’73 & Lynn Townsend-Adams ’73

Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh ’77                                     Bob Nielsen ’58

Kerrie Pendergast-Schottle ’75                                          Patti Burden ’64

Mike Schmid ’68 & Pat Midkiff-Schmid ’68                        George Roth ’68

Teresa Zanetta-Watts ’47                                                   Janet Nielsen-Ross ’53

Donald Syftestad ’53                                                         Lois Phillips-Watson ’60

Leanne Louch ’88                                                              Sharlene Cossairt ‘AFL,

Larry Tannehill ‘60                                                             Bob Churchill ’69

Ron Gertz ’63                                                                   John Michael Haga ’56

Randy Moorhead ’63                                                        Larry Plympton ’63

Dorothy Dickson-St.John ’36                                            Waunetah Larson-McCarron ’51

Glen Farlee ’58 & Barbara Obenshain-Farlee ’61           Richard Carrington ’59

Christine Tingis-Lovett ’77                                               Sheila Patterson-Bayley ’58

Rita Van Coutren-Hauf ’64                                               Dee Metz-Stavis ’69

Jacque Edgett-Leek ‘62                                                   Ingrid Paul-Steipline ’80

Peter White ‘56                                                                Dennis Studer ‘60

Marcia Huntting-Walker ’62                                             Cynthia Scroggins-Collier ’75

Bob Burbridge ’64 & Brenda Seaton-Burbridge ‘67         Jacqueline Russell-Mallouf ‘62

Dennis (and Kathy) Worthington ’67                                Bill (and Cherylin) Stoeckmann ‘63 Class of 1950

 ~ We only list contributors with their approval

  • September Donations – Scholarship Fund $0; SJAA Support $30
  • October Donations – Scholarship Fund $590; SJAA Support $355
  • November Donations – Scholarship Fund $600; SJAA Support $1570
  • December Donations – Scholarship Fund $1320; SJAA Support $270

Please consider starting a family, class reunion or business scholarship!

You can also support San Juan High School through our campus support grants (students in transition, athletic gear and uniforms, educational trips, school supplies needed in the classrooms etc.). It is tax deductible! You will receive a donation letter for your tax records and feel great about supporting a student in need. Please contact us if you are interested.