San Juan Alumni Association News & Activities

San Juan Alumni Association Activity Report

Provided by Deloris (Worthington) Peacock ’64; Contact:, 916.944.3865

We are currently working on the following activities to help support San Juan High School and its student needs:

  • Front of Boy’s Gym Refresh Senior Square Refresh
  • Lights, Ambulance, Referee Fees for Fall Sports Programs
  • President’s Day Weekend Student Food Program Support
  • 2018 Scholarship Applications, Interviews and Awards
  • SJHS First Annual Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner
  • Poker Night Fundraiser (in early discussion stages)
  • Bunco Night Fundraiser (in early discussion stages)
  • Casino Night Fundraiser (in early discussion stages)
  • Review of SJAA Operational Procedures and Documentation
  • Monthly Release of E-Newsletter beginning in March
  • San Juan Scholarship Promise (in early discussion stages) 

Fundraisers are currently targeted for use in the boys’ and girls’ sports programs for uniforms and equipment. Scholarship monies are also a focus.

Interested in giving just a little of your time – please let us know. 
We have a great group of volunteers and the more the merrier and the more we can get done!

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Class of 2013

Class of 2013

After 4.5 years I finally received my bachelor’s. Boy does time fly! Just yesterday I was graduating high school and feeling worried about not being able to attend Sac State but thanks to Kathy (Pendergast) Sasabuchi, 73, who helped me out with the San Juan Alumni Association (SJAA) – Pendergast Family Scholarship, I was able to attend my first year worry free of money and focus solely on school. Consequently, I received my first ever 4.0! I will forever be grateful for you and all that you have done for me! My parents Ramon Hurtado and Marisela Orozco and hubby Lincoln Gallegos ‘13 of course with their endless support and caring. Who kept reminding me to eat when I would forget due to all the studying and were there for me when I was stressed. Mitzi Hurtado ’12 and my brother who kept me laughing, some of the best memories were of us staying at Sac State until 3-4 am and busting up laughing because of how tired we were! Amie Millan ‘13 for being the best friend that I could ever have and being there during my bad and especially the good moments. I don’t know how many miles we kept driving the wrong direction because we were just talking…probably hundreds hahahahhaha! Love you all! – Arely

What is the meaning of success? To each individual it has a different meaning. You might be a famous movie star, an accomplished writer or incredible athlete. To the Pendergast family, it is the story of a young woman (Arely Hurtado- Gallegos ’13) who accomplished her dream by completing her college degree and marrying her high school sweetheart in 2017. Heart-warming stories like this is why our family scholarship is so dear to us. Please consider starting a scholarship of your own.

Kathy Pendergast-Sasabuchi ’73; Kevin Pendergast ’74; Kerrie Pendergast-Schottle ‘75

San Juan Juniorette's Club

San Juan Juniorette’s Club

The San Juan Juniorette Club is sponsored by the local 501(c) 3 non-profit group, GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Club) Citrus Heights Women’s Club. Our local GFWC group is part of a national organization that has clubs like this for teens across the United States. The general purpose of the Juniorettes is to contribute to a meaningful community life, to become aware of community problems and how they could be met and to learn the pleasures and rewards of working with a group. The GFWC is central in identifying service projects that meet the club’s purposes and that enable the member-students to contribute to positive community outcomes. For the students, they have an opportunity to gain leadership skills, enhance self-confidence, have access to national awards and recognition and much more. 

The cost of annual membership for a San Juan High School student is $24 per year. Our students often do not have the financial resources to join and therefore, the club is in its’ early stages of planning fundraising activities in order to bridge the gap. Should any of our readers be interested in sponsoring one girl for $24 for the upcoming school year, please send your donations denoting that it is for the SJHS Juniorettes membership and we will ensure that a student in need of this support has dues paid. Thank you for your consideration.

Confessions of a Class of 1960 Spartan

Dear fellow Spartans,

I wanted to share some events I think I remember from my four years at San Juan High:

I remember freshman science teacher Mr. Sekul, in front of the class, dipping an orange into a container of liquid nitrogen. He pulled the frosty fruit out, winked at us and fast-balled the orange against the science room wall near the clock. It was supposed to shatter . . . it splattered instead, spewing cold orange juice and pulp all over the wall and nearby students.

I liked Mrs. Kubo, my Senior English teacher. I don’t remember much about her class. Something about Chaucer and Beowolf. I think that’s because Ann Gerard sat two desks behind me.  She sat next to the new black board.  It was green.  A green black board! What would they think of next?

My freshman English teacher, Mr. Walker, didn’t have a lesson plan one day. He spent the whole period writing on the black chalk board, the one hundred ways you could spell the name “Shakespeare” with a short explanation for each. I often wondered if he had repeated that same lesson five more times that day.

In the boys’ locker room, after PE one morning, we guys were showering and goofing around as we got dressed. Tom Reese started imitating monkey sounds for our enjoyment.  So we all loudly started competing to see who could produce the loudest, jungle noises: peacocks, howler monkeys, lions and chimps. Due to the locker room’s acoustics, our songs must have reverberated all over the east side of San Juan High that morning because we won high praise from students and teachers alike later that day.

I remember being praised by Civics teacher Ms. Reager for a three-page essay I wrote on my new hero, a revolutionary who won back his country from the evil dictator Fulgencia Batista in Cuba. Who’da thunk?

I remember in the cafeteria one lunch hour, six of us guys sitting at a table, arguing cars and sports and generally being obnoxious. A gaggle of lovely girls twirled in through the door. Like six meercats, we all six gazed in their direction. One of us chimed, “Aw, they ain’t so great”.  To which another guy responded, “Your problem is you’re waiting for the perfect woman!  Some day you *are* gonna find her, only she’s gonna be looking for the perfect MAN !”.

I remember my senior year in cross country. The first three Spartan team runners were always Walt Wycoff, then Tom Massey, then me (clinging to third). This was our finishing sequence at meets or during time-trials . . . Wycoff, Massey, Rasmussen. So one week Wycoff gets sick, can’t run for time trials. I figure now’s my chance to shine. .. just beat Massey. So we run twice around the whole school acreage and re-enter the track to finish. Massey’s in first place, right ahead of me. At the maintenance shed I give it all I’ve got. Down the stretch, even the football team has paused to watch this drama. I barely inch out Massey! Next week Wycoff recovers, Massey licks his wounds and I’m back clinging to third.

I remember that one of the smoothest dance couples that year was Dick Lange and Judy Clavell, dancing and swinging on the concrete dance slab, Saturday nights in Rusch Park.

(Note: Recent research tells us that our memories change and morph into less accurate tales over time. I’m sure this is the case in these tales above. Nevertheless, they bring me pleasure by recalling my fellow Spartans and their antics . . . accurate or not.)

Have fun, Happy New Year !
Maurie Rasmussen ‘60