Membership Report

Richard Giusti, ‘65

Contact: or 916 332-2204

SJAA Newsletter – Issue #113 – February 2018

The following information provides the membership status of the association as of February 8, 2018. The membership has stayed relatively stable. We have been able to cut down on the number of delinquent members by a good amount; thank you for your support and following up with us.  

We currently have 873 active members with 463 of these members (including 44 couples) being current. We have 307 members who dues are due (includes 25 couples). We have 93 members whose dues are past due (includes 3 couples). We have 27 Newsletter Only Recipients that include our school board, city council and scholarship recipients.  

“Let’s continue to grow our organization in order to benefit our Alma Mater and especially to all the great students.”